Package cascading.util

Interface Summary
CloseableIterator<V> Interface CloseableIterator is a helper interface granting an Iterator a close method.
Traceable Indicates that a class has trace fields usable from TraceUtil

Class Summary
ForeverValueIterator<Value> The ForeverValueIterator class will iterate over a single value forever.
Murmur3 Murmur3 is a fast non cryptographic hash algorithm.
NullNotEquivalentComparator Class NullNotEquivalentComparator simply returns -1 if the lhs is null, 1 if the rhs is null, or the result of lhs.compareTo(rhs).
ShutdownUtil ShutdownUtil is a private helper class for registering dependent shutdown hooks to maintain internal state information reliably when a jvm is shutting down.
SingleValueCloseableIterator<Value> SingleValueIterator is a utility class used for quickly presenting a single value to a consumer expecting both a Closeable and an Iterator interface.
SingleValueIterator<Value> Class SingleValueIterator is a convenience to creating an Iterator that returns one value for use with interfaces that only accept Iterator instances.
Util Class Util provides reusable operations.

Enum Summary

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