Interface Traceable

All Known Implementing Classes:
AggregateBy, AggregateBy.CompositeFunction, And, AssertEquals, AssertEqualsAll, AssertExpression, AssertGroupBase, AssertGroupSizeEquals, AssertGroupSizeLessThan, AssertGroupSizeMoreThan, AssertMatches, AssertMatchesAll, AssertNotEquals, AssertNotNull, AssertNull, AssertSizeEquals, AssertSizeLessThan, AssertSizeMoreThan, Average, AverageBy, AverageBy.AverageFinal, BaseAssertion, BaseOperation, BasePartitionTap, BasePartitionTap.PartitionScheme, BaseTemplateTap, BaseTemplateTap.TemplateScheme, Checkpoint, Coerce, CoGroup, Count, CountBy, Counter, DateFormatter, DateOperation, DateParser, Debug, DecoratorTap, Discard, Each, ElementGraph.Extent, Every, ExpressionFilter, ExpressionFunction, ExpressionOperation, ExtentBase, ExtremaBase, ExtremaValueBase, FieldFormatter, FieldJoiner, FilterNotNull, FilterNull, First, FirstBy, FirstNBuffer, GroupBy, HashJoin, Identity, Insert, Last, Limit, Logic, Max, MaxBy, MaxValue, Merge, Min, MinBy, MinValue, MultiSinkTap, MultiSourceTap, NoOp, Not, NullScheme, Operator, Or, Pipe, RegexFilter, RegexGenerator, RegexMatcher, RegexOperation, RegexParser, RegexReplace, RegexSplitGenerator, RegexSplitter, Rename, Retain, Sample, Scheme, ScriptFilter, ScriptFunction, ScriptOperation, ScriptTupleFunction, SetValue, SinkTap, SourceTap, Splice, Status, SubAssembly, Sum, SumBy, Tap, UnGroup, Unique, Unique.FilterPartialDuplicates, Xor

public interface Traceable

Indicates that a class has trace fields usable from TraceUtil

Method Summary
 String getTrace()
          Method getTrace returns a String that pinpoints the caller that created this instance.

Method Detail


String getTrace()
Method getTrace returns a String that pinpoints the caller that created this instance.


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