Package cascading.tap.hadoop

Class Summary
Dfs Class Dfs is a Tap class that provides access to the Hadoop Distributed File System.
DistCacheTap Class DistCacheTap is a Tap decorator for Hfs and can be used to move a file to the DistributedCache on read when accessed cluster side.
GlobHfs Class GlobHfs is a type of MultiSourceTap that accepts Hadoop style 'file globing' expressions so multiple files that match the given pattern may be used as the input sources for a given Flow.
Hfs Class Hfs is the base class for all Hadoop file system access.
HfsProps Class HfsProps is a fluent helper for setting various Hadoop FS level properties that some Flow may or may not be required to have set.
Lfs Class Lfs is a Tap class that provides access to the Local File System via Hadoop.
PartitionTap Class PartitionTap can be used to write tuple streams out to files and sub-directories based on the values in the current Tuple instance.
TemplateTap Deprecated. see PartitionTap

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