Table of Contents

Driven User Guide

version 1.2

Introduction to Driven

Driven is the application performance management tool designed to help visualize and monitor data application performance on a cluster or in your local environment. This Driven User Guide describes how to utilize graphing, metrics, tabular, and collaboration features to diagnose runtime problems and improve application performance.

The Driven user interface is multilayered, ranging from a view summarizing the overall performance of multiple application runs down to the granular levels of an individual slice during application execution. As you click on graphic visualizations and table cells, you can drill down from aggregated application metrics to breakdown of the application execution details on the Hadoop cluster.

driven ui hierarchy
Figure 1. Layers of the Driven user interface. In addition to the graph examples here, data in each view is also displayed in tabular format.

The following topics of the Driven User Guide explain key features and operations: