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Driven Administrator Guide

version 1.2

Integrating the Driven Plugin with Maven or Gradle


The Driven Plugin is published to the Conjars Maven repository.

Step 1: In the <repositories> block add:


Step 2: Add the following dependency:



Step 1: Add the repository:

repositories {
  maven { url '' }

Step 2: Add the dependency:

compile group: 'driven', name: 'driven-plugin', version: '1.2'

Packaging Note

The plugin is a shaded fat JAR. Including the plugin in your own fat JAR can lead to classpath issues. When including the plugin (and other dependencies) in your own submittable fat JAR for Hadoop, the best practice is to place them in a lib subdirectory of the submittable JAR.

For example, with Gradle, add this to the fatJar task:

doFirst {
    into( 'lib' ) {
    from '/full/path/to/plugin.jar'

For More Information

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