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Driven Administrator Guide

version 1.2

Integrating the Driven Plugin for Amazon Elastic MapReduce

If you run your applications in an Amazon Web Services Elastic MapReduce (AWS EMR) cluster, use a bootstrap action to install the plugin. The bootstrapping works with both persistent EMR clusters as well as auto-terminating clusters.

You can bootstrap by using either the AWS command-line interface (CLI) or the AWS Management Console. Bootstrapping installs the plugin on the EMR master node so that Cascading applications launched from the AWS CLI or the Management Console automatically operate with the plugin.

Amazon Web Services Command-Line Interface

The following code example shows you how to bootstrap Driven to an EMR cluster if you want to use the AWS CLI. Note the following about the code example:

  • The argument "–api-key,${DRIVEN_API_KEY}" appears in the following code. Using a Driven API key is optional. Omit this argument if you do not want to enable team features in Driven.

  • ${DRIVEN_SERVER_HOST} and ${DRIVEN_API_KEY} are variables, which must be replaced with your real values for the Driven Server host URL and API key.

--bootstrap-actions Path=s3://,Args="host,${DRIVEN_SERVER_HOST},–api-key,${DRIVEN_API_KEY}"

Amazon Web Services Management Console

To bootstrap the Driven Plugin using the AWS Management Console:

  1. Navigate to the Create Cluster window.

  2. Select the option to add a custom bootstrap action.

  3. Enter the configuration for the new bootstrap action:

    1. Name: Driven Bootstrap Action

    2. S3 Location: s3://

    3. Arguments: –host ${DRIVEN_SERVER_HOST} –api-key ${DRIVEN_API_KEY} or just –host ${DRIVEN_SERVER_HOST} if you do not want to pass an API key. (Substitute ${DRIVEN_SERVER_HOST} and ${DRIVEN_API_KEY} with your values.)

For More Information

See Driven Plugin Configuration Parameters if you need to further customize the plugin for the Driven deployment in your environment. Otherwise, you can return to the Driven Administrator Guide sitemap to review other topics.