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Driven Administrator Guide

version 1.2

Deploying a Clustered Production Environment

Figure 1 shows the architecture of a multinode Driven deployment running with an external Elasticsearch cluster.

Figure 1. Clustered production environment of a Driven deployment

This topology provides horizontal scalability, data replication, and resiliency. It is the recommended topology for production deployments to meet high-volume service-level agreements and scale Driven with increasing demand. Separating the data persistence layer from the web application layer provides additional stability and the ability to tune operations to the specific needs of each layer.

Setting up this topology requires additional expertise with running Elasticsearch as you need to install and configure stand-alone Elasticsearch nodes. You cannot use the embedded Elasticsearch server included in the Tomcat distribution of Driven if you are deploying a clustered production environment. Elastic provides best practices and documentation for setting up a cluster, and this guide often refers to that documentation.

The Driven Server configuration section of this guide documents the properties allowing Driven to communicate with an external Elasticsearch cluster. See Configuring the Driven Server for further details.