Table of Contents

Driven Administrator Guide

version 1.2

Integrating with Third-Party Monitoring Applications

While Driven provides a superior interface to visualize your Cascading application in development and operational stages, often it is necessary to relay higher-level insights to a common monitoring platform.

Driven supports integration with other frameworks to extend representation of Cascading application performance in different monitoring platforms. Two approaches for utilizing this extensibility are to integrate with the following technologies:

  • Using Java Management Extensions (JMX) with Driven The JMX API is a standard API for managing and monitoring of resources such as applications, devices, services, and the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). The API can enable any tool supporting the JMX interface to monitor precanned statistics from Driven.

  • Using Nagios with Driven Nagios is an application for monitoring IT infrastructure, including Hadoop clusters. By developing Nagios plugins for Driven, you can pull monitoring information from Driven to gain an alternative representation of application status.