Table of Contents

Driven Administrator Guide

version 1.2

Installing the Driven CLI Client

The Driven CLI Client is an application to perform such tasks such as backing up, monitoring, and integrating (if required) Driven with a centralized monitoring tool.

The Driven Server and CLI Client are typically installed on the same machine. If you choose not to install on the same machine, then ensure that the CLI Client host machine has access to Driven Server ports 8080, 9200, and 9300.

Step 1: Download and unzip the CLI Client

$ wget -i

Step 2: Place the bin directory inside the unzipped CLI Client on your PATH

$ export PATH=$PATH:$INSTALL_PATH/driven/bin
$ driven --help
Usage: driven COMMAND [options]
where COMMAND is one of:
  admin   configure/manage the server
  backup  backup/restore operations
  scope   query status and runtimes
  replay  replay put items to server
driven COMMAND --help for options

See Backing Up and Restoring Driven Repositories and Extracting Data with the scope Command for documentation about Driven commands that can be used with the CLI Client.