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Driven 1.1.1 Release Notes

version 1.1.1

New in this Release

Driven 1.1.1 provides new and improved features, which include:

  • The Data Migration process for the Driven Server upgrade (from version 1.0 to version 1.1.1) is available through the use of the Driven Client (Admin CLI Client) tool

  • Driven allows you to stop one or many unresponsive applications at the same time. To learn more about this feature, refer to the Troubleshooting chapter in the Driven Admin Guide

Fixed Bugs

  • Starting Driven from the bin directory (via stand-alone Tomcat package) causes two issues:

    • The relative path ./conf for the file is not found

    • The default setting places the Driven directory relative to startup, thereby putting the data dictionary in the bin directory

Driven 1.1 features

  • Enhanced Search for your Cascading applications

  • Customize your application via Cascading Annotations

  • Enhanced visualization for Hive flow

  • Enhanced visualization for Lingual flow

  • Enhanced Admin Console UI for monitoring your cluster health, backup, Team management

  • Availablity of the Driven Client CLI Interface

  • Support for monitoring and notification through JMX interface

  • Driven GUI improvements:

    • Better visualization of traps in the application graph

    • Improvements to Team management

    • Spark-line graph to monitor application execution

    • Timeline graph shows application status over a timeframe

    • Frequency graph shows application metrics for successful runs, stopped, or failed

Changes from the Previous Release

  • Driven Server Elasticsearch schema has changed. You must upgrade your Driven Plugin. Refer to the Instatlling the Driven Plugin chapter in the Driven Admin Guide.

For the self-hosted version of the Driven application, you must migrate data from Driven 1.0 to Driven 1.1. Contact Concurrent Technical Support at for detailed information.
  • The Driven Plugin is configured by default to only send slice data on execution state change. This is different from Driven 1.0 where the slice data was sent every 30 seconds.