Class SyncMergeStage

  extended by<Incoming,Outgoing>
      extended by<Incoming,Outgoing>
          extended by<TupleEntry,TupleEntry>
              extended by
                  extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
Collapsing, ElementDuct

public class SyncMergeStage
extends MergeStage

A version of Merge that synchronizes the receives for local mode

Field Summary
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Fields inherited from class
branchNames, flowElement, flowProcess, incomingScopes, outgoingScopes, trapHandler
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Constructor Summary
SyncMergeStage(FlowProcess flowProcess, FlowElement flowElement)
Method Summary
 void receive(Duct previous, TupleEntry tupleEntry)
          synchronized, as by default, each source gets its turn, no concurrent threads.
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bind, complete, initialize, start
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Constructor Detail


public SyncMergeStage(FlowProcess flowProcess,
                      FlowElement flowElement)
Method Detail


public void receive(Duct previous,
                    TupleEntry tupleEntry)
synchronized, as by default, each source gets its turn, no concurrent threads. Except in local mode

receive in class Stage<TupleEntry,TupleEntry>
previous -
tupleEntry -

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